Welcome to ET&MKenterprises.com, the Company of small businesses of all kinds and structures.  At www.ET&MKenterprises we strive to be the leading connection between Industries and their clients through; Bookkeeping services; Distribution Facilitation; and Product discovery identification.  We are on the ground floor of discovery to manufacturing; and then to distributing. We have been in the field since 2014, ET&MK is not like all the other companies, we are proud that we do not fit under any single definition.  Our products will reach numerous generations of and countless peoples of different countries.

Today, while we are formerly registered as a Bookkeeping Co., with two(2) registered DBA's out of Georgia USA, We are quickly reaching multiple small business associations who want us to represent their Brands.

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Wherever you are, we want to hear from you - tell us how you’re doing, let us know what you think of the products. Tell us how we can help make your life more hassle-free.